Features built to help you make more money from your product reviews

Yes! All of these features are included. Plus as we add more features, they'll also be automatically included.

Don't come off as a shill

List multiple prices

Our price comparison engine allows you to give your readers options on their purchases. By showing more than one price and retailer, you gain trust with your readers.

Let your readers leave reviews

They'll trust you even more!

By letting your readers leave reviews, click throughs and purchases go up. User generated reviews are often the most trustworthy. We've also built in fraud detection to stop fake reviews and use Akismet to stop spam.

Filter user reviews

Amazon style filtering lets your readers filter any star rating quickly and easily.

Author Summary

Show a summary of your review as the author. You can also show your own "official" star ratings.

SERP Review Schema

Your reviews will show star ratings in the Search Engine Results leading to higher clickthroughs.

WP Ultimate Reviews has been designed from the ground up to generate more affiliate revenue and more user generated content. We took the strategies developed by some of the largest affiliate review sitesĀ over years of testing and put them into WP Ultimate Reviews. Now you can enjoy all of those benefits.

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