Features built to help you make more money from your product reviews

Yes! All of these features are included. Plus as we add more features, they'll also be automatically included.

Create the product comparison

Link the specific products to a review. This is how you create your price comparison engine. Products will show up here as you create them. Scroll down to "Add Products" feature to see how to add them.

Write your review summary

A full wysiwyg editor is available for your review summary

Add your rating

Select your rating for the review. Your rating shows up directly underneath the summary.

Add retailers/affiliate networks

Set up your retailer partners/affiliate networks. For example, if you review products sold on Ebay, you'll want to add your Ebay rover URL. If you are an Amazon affiliate you'll need your Amazon affiliate ID. We also have built-in support for Share A Sale. You can also set up custom affiliate networks in just a few clicks.

Add products

Add your affiliate products here so they can be re-used across your site on any number of posts without setting up a product twice. Select the retailer, paste in the URL where the product is located, add the price and stock, and your product will automatically contain your affiliate ID on the front-end.

General Settings

Control where the reviews and product comparison engine shows up across your site. Disable/enable certain review features.

Note: We constantly add new settings here, so this screenshot may not be up to date at the time of writing.


Edit labels across the plugin. This image is just a sample, you can edit the labels on virtually everything.

Review Categories

Create the review categories you want your readers to provide a rating on. For example, "Overall", "Design", "Price". Customize this to suit your own review site.

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